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It may seem strange to talk about blogs and editorial plans for a company that does not operate in publishing field, but it is not at all. As said, if contents are at the center of all business activities, strategies used to communicate to your target are strategic and follow the same rules that govern the world of information, both traditional on paper or in digital. Statistics and case histories are teaching us this. The so-called Web sites 2.0 are  struggling to generate traffic and keep visitors who are increasingly distracted and that more and more quickly disconnecting from them. 

One of the most effective techniques is to combine the site with a blog theme, that besides necessarily be quality must offer relevant content with the activities, products or services offered by the company. Blogs can be simple, or report news or curiosity in a non-structured or complex and articulated so as to be in fact compared to the real current affairs sites with sections, categories, editorials, columns, opinions, infographics. To activate the latter requires specific skills and qualified on the one hand to produce a balanced editorial plan in all its components, the other to produce content optimized optical Seo, ie that arouse the interest of readers and which appeal also to the engines of research that rewards users by giving them a good position SERP (see Google). 

The publisher Seo and Seo copywriting can not be extemporary business roles at all. In both cases, as well as a fair amount of technical knowledge, it also requires a lot of creativity. The more the blog will be updated, rich and moderate (interactivity with the target requires the presence cambiato da figura in presenza of the moderator who daily checks Comments to the post) the greater the impact on the Web. It will have a positive impact at a time when companies will convert the contacts. Obviously the proper functioning of the blog must go hand in hand with a site Seo compliant and optimized for all terminals, from fixed ones (PCs and notebooks) mobiles (smartphones and tablets). 


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