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Web strategies 2.0: Online Media planning

Online media planning: the increasing need of more and more companies to segment their markets and to identify well-defined targets in order to avoid wasting the budget allocated, have made it necessary to refine the techniques for the selection and media planning.

For us to make a online media planning is not a mere accounting activity, but, first of all, the analysis of the daily path of the target set by a real "mapping."

The Online Media Planning services are directed to companies that need to get online visibility through the display of their advertisements through networks of websites and high-traffic portals, search engines and social networks.

Using integrated strategies (text ads, banner ads, rich media, movies, animations, reviews, etc.) and online network (general portals, thematic portals, websites with specific socio-demographic audiences) it is possible to achieve great results in terms of brand reputation growth, brand reputation towards limited targets, or to increase the lead generation.


SEO means Search Engine Optimization, or optimization (site) for Research (internet Engines), and this is perhaps the most important form of web marketing.

Thanks to appropriate techniques, which improve code and content of a web page, over time the site will acquire greater visibility on search engines appearing at the top of searches on sites like Google, Yahoo! and Bing using specific keywords. These words (called keywords) will be related to the topics covered in the site itself.

A good ranking on search engines will grant a lot of visits, provided that this is done using keywords searched from a good number of users, otherwise it makes no sense. That's why it is vital to base all the optimization work on a preliminary analysis that considers what are the most typed words into the web.


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