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Web marketing, synergy of elements

Web marketing as operational implementation of traditional marketing, which uses all the viral advertising systems to intercept potential clients or users of web contents. There are different systems of doing marketing on the web, from choosing carefully depending on the product category, product or service and the target audience to which it is addressed. Through a good strategic analysis and programming you can achieve the expected positive results both in terms of audience that of sales.


SEO means Search Engine Optimization, or optimization (of the site) for Research (internet engines) and is perhaps the most important form of web marketing.

Thanks to appropriate techniques, which improve codes and contents of a web page, over time the site will gain greater visibility on search engines appearing at the top of searches on sites like Google, Yahoo! and Bing for certain keywords. These words (called keywords) will be clearly related to the topics covered in the website itself.

A good ranking on search engines grants a big number of visits, provided that this is done for the average searched keywords from a good number of users, otherwise it makes no sense. That's why it is vital to base all the optimization work on a preliminary analysis that considers what are the most sought after in the web.


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing

Con keyword advertising si intende della pubblicità esplicita fatta solitamente sui motori di ricerca da annunci in cui si paga ogni volta che il potenziale cliente clicca sull’annuncio.

Keyword advertising means explicit advertising usually done on the search engines by ads where you pay whenever your potential client clicks on the ad.

These ads, usually are present on search engines and on content sites in the same network. Are shown as "sponsored ads" or similarly, to distinguish them from those generated by the SEO.

This form of web marketing is also known as PPC (pay per click) in reference to the method of payment or known as Google Adwords when you mean those of Google circuit.


One of the interesting tools to foster traffic to your own site, and then make it more visible to potential customers, is creating a sales network using the "Web Affiliations".

The Affiliation allows you to increase turnover, and thus also a small company or a freelancer, can count not just on their salesman, but also on a number of Affiliates who oversees the online market.

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