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To actually succeed in selling online, it is important to develop an e-commerce site simple to use.

That it has been created for a single product or for a catalog, the e-commerce site must be structured for the user to quickly find what they want to buy. The purchasing process should be fast, smooth and absolutely clear in each step, otherwise the potential client might leave without buying, even if it was very interested in the product.

The aspect of an e-commerce site includes both aesthetics and content organization: all perfectly oriented to the sale.

An absolutely central element is the role of mobile devices that are emerging as absolute stars in online sales in all developed markets.

The percentage of sales via smartphone or tablet has substantially increased compared to previous years.

In fact operators have stated in the preceding year, mobile devices generated 13% of total revenues from online sales, that is, about 2 billion Euros.

If you want to sell your products online we can arrange all web marketing activities combined with your e-commerce, starting from the sale platform on which we will go to intregrate to the catalog all part of price management, inventory and all activities necessary for online sales of your products - such as the payment by the bank of your choice - up to online advertising e-commerce, through our web marketing tools.


The Social Commerce is the monetization of social media by using e-commerce. It is the concept of word of mouth marketing, aligned with the e-commerce and – consequently - the convergence between them.

Like gravity, even advertising and commerce are inevitably attracted to the places where people spend their time. Ever since people have begun to use social networks, we have started talking about how to sell to consumers effectively on social networks. More importantly, there has been much debate about the ROI in the case of sale to consumers by using social networks.

For many, the Social Commerce is the answer to the often-discussed question of ROI.

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